Below are the most frequently asked questions about your Record a Card Voice Card:


How do I record my voice message?

Simple instructions are enclosed inside your card when you receive it.

To record your voice message:

Press and hold the button underneath the arrowhead. Once you hear a beep, begin recording your personal message. When you have finished recording your message, release the button and you will hear 2 beeps. If you reach the maximum recording time you will also hear 2 beeps. To listen to your message, close and reopen the card. To re-record simply repeat the above steps until you are happy with your message.

Where do I press to record my voice message?

The record button is directly underneath the coloured arrowhead enclosed within your card when you receive it.

How long can my voice message be?

You can record a voice message of approximately 40 seconds.

How do I know when I have reached my recording time limit?

You will hear two beeps when you have reached the maximum recording time limit.

How many times can I re-record my voice message?

You can record your voice message as many times as you like until you are happy with it.

Do I need to press anything to lock in my voice message?

No. When you have finished recording your voice message and you release the record button, your voice message will automatically be saved.

What happens if the record button is pressed after I have recorded my voice message?

You will here one beep if the record button is pressed. This will not erase your voice message. The Record a Card will only begin recording again after the record button is pressed and held for two seconds or more. You will hear two beeps if this happens. 

Will my audio message keep playing when the card stays open?

No. Your message will automatically play once when your card is opened. It will only replay when the card is closed and reopened. As such the card can be stood up and displayed when slightly open without the audio message playing.

My voice message is very special to me, is there a way to permanently keep it?

Yes. If the voice message is very important to you and you wish to keep it long term, there are two things to ensure. Firstly your message is stored within a chip inside the mechanism and you can easily replace the batteries within. This does involve opening up your card carefully. Secondly, please ensure that the voice message is not accidentally recorded over by pressing and holding the record button for two seconds or more.

Can I write inside my card?

Yes. You can write a personalised handwritten message inside each card or you can choose to design your own card and we will print your message for you.

Does my card come with it's own envelope to give/send to someone?

Yes. Your Record a Card comes with it's own coloured envelope for you to enclose and give/send.

Can I order a card if I live outside Australia?

Yes. We ship Record a Cards to anywhere in the world.

How much will it cost to ship my card to me?

We offer free shipping to any address within Australia. International shipping will incur a cost of $3.20 AUD for one card and $10 AUD for 2-5 cards. Express Post shipping is available in Australia, the price depending on the number of cards ordered. Express Post shipping for 1 card is $4.95 AUD.

How long will it take to receive my card?

Please allow 1-3 business days for card production prior to postage. Once we have posted it, you will receive a confirmation that it is on it's way to you. If your delivery address is within Australia and you have chosen the Free Shipping option, you can expect to receive it within 5-7 business days. If you have chosen the Express Post option, you can expect to receive it within 1-3 business days. If your delivery address is outside Australia you can expect to receive it within 14 - 21 days. We note however, that it has come to our attention that delivery times may be longer due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Is postage tracking available for delivery?

Tracking is only available if you have selected the Express Post shipping option. There is no tracking with free shipping. 

How big is the card?

The card dimensions are: width = 12.5 cm and height = 17.5 cm.

How many panels of the card can I design when ordering a Create Your Own Card?

You can design on the front of the card and the inside of the front of the card.